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Hello Everyone! I’m so happy to be back in action after a VERY busy hiatus from the blog. I’ve had A LOT on my plate, both career and personal–some delicious events and some very sour ones I wish I could have sent back to the proverbial restaurant kitchen. I will fill you in on all of it, including a few monthly TV segments I haven’t yet posted, but am over the moon about today’s announcement!

First, I am SO grateful for all of you who have been asking for and missing TSJ! It reminds me that no matter the distance between visits, I can always return to this blog like a dear old friend, and be greeted with open arms. It’s comfortably there when I need it, and understands when I crave some time away because other things have taken focus during that time. Sooo, let’s catch up on the good (great!) stuff first!

As of today, MY CHILDREN’S BOOK, SWEET DREAMS, IS PUBLISHED!!! I am beyond thrilled that after 11 years–almost to the exact date– since drafting this story (more on that later!), its finally here, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you! I am excitedly awaiting today’s delivery like a kid on Chanukah evening (ha), which I will share with you LIVE via Facebook so we can open it together.

Tune in on FB this afternoon!

Have a delicious day,




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