Confessions of a Supermommy…Or Something Like That

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Oh hello, Tell me your name again…July is it? How did you get here?

One minute it’s the dead of winter, I’m cooking/blogging every day waiting for my baby to arrive, when suddenly I blink and it’s a Tuesday in the middle of summer, I have a four-month old daughter, and realize I’ve neglected my other pride and joy, That’s SO Jenn. (We’ve all heard of mommy guilt, but blogger guilt is a whole new concept…)

I don’t know if we realize how much we rely on a routine until we break it. Before our smiley, giggly, precious MnM became my entire world, I used all my energy to focus whole-heartedly on TSJ. I would awake in the middle of the night with great recipe ideas (especially during my ultra creative nesting stage!), think about them while I leisurely washed my hair, and spent hours in the kitchen experimenting.


1. Any waking in the middle of the night is due to me jolting out of bed to obsessively stare at the baby monitor, making sure our peanut is breathing even though she sleeps through the evening.

2. I’m lucky if I have time to rinse out all the shampoo, never mind allow my mind to wander during the washing process.

3. The only time I’m in the kitchen is to rinse bottles and make a puree while Miss Emma naps.

“I’ll do it all,” I said. I’m going to be that mom. The one who seamlessly balances the full-time job of a stay-at-home parent in addition to my other work-from-home position of being a cook and writer. I’m going to have my eyes on the hot stove and on my little one at the same time. I’m going to take step-by-step photos of dishes and taste-test, while photographing every moment of my daughter’s life, as I simultaneously make cooing noises back at her.

I’m going to consistently conquer the regular laundry load that comes from two adults and a baby (who by the way requires more clothes washing then I’ve ever imagined in my entire life!) and the day-to day upkeep, and the workouts and the infant activity classes and give the dog, our first baby, plenty of attention because there’s enough love to go around, and greet Hubby at the door looking refreshed and perfectly quaffed. Every. Single. day.

Bahahahahahaha. Oh silly pre-mommy Jenn. You crack me up.

Here’s reality: I do many of those things. Most of them, in fact. Just not necessarily all in the same 24 hours. We make it to baby yoga and music class and the library, but I may or may not have shaved my legs that morning.

We have playdates and playgroups and social time with important people in my life, but I’m most likely running a few minutes late.

I make time for my friends and we have honest, adult two-way conversations that aren’t all about mommyhood, and go for lunch outside while MnM sleeps in her seat, but when she wakes up, I instantly switch to a high pitch tone and start making silly faces at her.

One minute, I’m writing a poignant freelance piece and the next, I can barely string together a cohesive thought. Like trying to figure out how my lipstick ended up in the freezer.

Some days, I keep my house immaculately clean—counters glistening, carpet vacuumed, bed made and laundry neatly folded in each drawer. You’d be amazed I have a baby.

Other days, there are playthings everywhere, piles of laundry to be washed and dishes sitting in the sink—You’d be amazed I don’t have six children.

But that’s life isn’t it? A perfect, harmonious balance of sweet imperfection that keeps things interesting, ensuring no two moments are exactly the same.

It’s about understanding that having it all and making it work is often about prioritizing, and accepting that not everything can be done in one single moment. If we bite off more than we can chew, we just choke.

But more is coming. I promise. Just as I tell Emma when I run into the other room, even though you can’t see me, I’m still here.

I have three months worth of published columns to share, more monthly TV spots coming up, and yes, even some recipes. So here’s to hoping absence makes the heart grow fonder as you welcome That’s SO Jenn back into your lives.

Stay tuned for my very exciting interview with renowned chef Daniel Boulud, and many more delicious posts to pile onto your plates.

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Home is Where the Heart Is: Celebrating 4 Years

bottle cheers

Hi Friends. I know it’s taken me a while to write. I admit, I’ve had trouble mustering up any desire to make time to blog when I’ve been so blissfully living in each cherished moment with our new daughter. She’s seven weeks old already and it’s undoubtedly true when “they” say time surely does fly. Those extra six days waiting for her arrival felt like an eternity, while this past month and a half has gone by in a blink. I just don’t want to miss a thing. In fact, she’s peacefully napping on me as we speak.

While cooking still remains a passion of mine, dinner these days tends to be made one-handed, with Emma (AKA: MnM) in my opposite arm, often propping her pretty pink bottle with my chin so she can eat while I prepare for Hubby and I do to the same. Before that, we’ve relied on meals brought over by family and friends, the lovely folks at dcuisine who sent us a selection of gourmet prepared dishes, and of course, good ole’ take-out. Last night we even gave MnM her first fine dining experience at the fabulous Il Villaggio, who graciously accommodated us for my mom’s birthday.

During our first two weeks home as a family, Hubby and I typically found ourselves eating at 10:30PM, having no concept of time. Our days were filled with nonstop visitors while we simultaneously juggled lack of sleep and the unpredictable schedule of our adorable new roommate. I’ve stuck to the staples, preparing a lot of already-blogged dishes and quick fixes that while delicious, weren’t exactly something to write about.

Although I do promise to get back to adventures in the kitchen, my creativity these days involves coming up with lyrics to silly songs (I joke that my album will be available for download on iTunes…) rather than flavor combinations. My heart is overflowing with devotion to spending quality time as a mommy, trading food photos for smiley newborn pics, the sound of pots and pans for giggles and coos, sautéing for cuddling and new recipes for new milestones with our little princess.

‘One day she’ll be 16′ I remind myself every time I get to hold her tightly taking in the sweet scent of her whispy hair as her delicate fingers wrap around mine. Those bright blue eyes study my face letting me know she needs me, while the corners of her darling, perfect little lips turn from smirk into beaming smile, making my heart melt. No souffle is worth skipping a minute with this precious little girl.

So why am I checking in now? Well, today marks four years since Hubby and I closed on our home. Four years. That’s an entire college experience (!) From almost-married with a dog, to newlyweds, to new parents, this home has been filled with an incredible amount of love. As I was reading through my previous posts on the subject, I felt nostalgic and inspired.

With MnM snuggled on my shoulder, I slowly walked around each room that had been decorated with such fine detail. Then I stopped for a moment, feeling a rush of excitement at how our priorities have changed. The ‘formal’ living room is now equipped with one of four playmats, an array of children’s books are stacked on the ottomans of our charming TV room (that Hubby and I refer to as the ‘thunder dome’), the kitchen counter is scattered with pacifiers while a mamaRoo swing is plugged in next to the table.

An infant car seat rests on the floor of our dining room, while our newly finished basement-turned playroom is complete with a toy chest amongst other baby friendly activity spaces. A stroller is parked next to the car in our garage, while our sophisticated bedroom still holds a bassinet from her first few weeks home. A baby tub now sits in the linen closet of our upstairs bathroom (equipped with rubber duckies, of course), and the much-used former guest room has become a bright, lavender and white nursery.

I will always remember the first time we entered the front door. After what had been months of an exhausting house hunt, Hubby turned to me and said, “I can picture our kids running down those stairs one day.” Now with MnM here, that will actually be a reality.

It may sound silly to some, why a bunch of walls and a roof can have so much meaning to two people. But when we went searching we weren’t just looking for a place to live, we were looking for a place to build a life. This morning’s vision of scattered burp clothes, teeny socks and dainty hair bows shows me we have done just that.

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