Iron Chef Michael Symon Dishes to That’s SO Jenn About His New Cookbook, 5 in 5

michael one

He’s a James Beard Foundation Award Winning Iron Chef on Food Network, and relatable host on Cooking Channel’s Symon’s Suppers. He’s the Cleveland-born co-host on ABC’s The Chew, with that sincere smile and contagious laugh. He’s the owner of acclaimed restaurants (Lola, Lolita, B Spot, Roast), author of multiple cookbooks and has a personality that’s earned him tons of TV credit. Looks like culinary rockstar Chef Michael Symon is on a roll.

The best part? Symon is as outgoing and down-to-earth in person as you hope he’d be when

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Toni’s Tuscan Table: A Hidden Gem


“Hi, I’m Toni, and I’m known for my balls,” Toni Sapienza said with her spunky Bronx flair, in reference to her famous arancini; A double breaded crispy exterior filled with a creamy six-cheese rice and fresh herb center, kissed by San Marzano plum tomato sauce. At Toni’s Tuscan Table, Sapienza treats you as if you’re a guest in her home. “Call me tomorrow with a craving, and I’ll make it for you,” she promises. And she means it. Every dish is created with love. You can feel it. She kibitzes with you while you’re dining and kisses you on the cheek when you leave. I seriously offered to help her clean up because it felt like I was over a friend’s house for dinner.

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