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TSJ’s Apple and Butternut Squash Soup


Like a bunch of giddy children we piled into three rows of seats, and hit the road towards Silverman’s Farm. “Ooh there’s a hayride!” “Ahh, llamas, I love llamas!” “Mmm, I can’t wait to try the donuts!”

The six of us adults couldn’t have been more excited for our day of fall festivities. Meri, Steph and I have been close friends since our sorority days in college. We’ve had a lot of memorable times together, traveling to Aruba, meeting up for dinners, and most of all, sharing our love for autumn. And while the men didn’t let out squeals like us ladies did, it was clear they were just as overjoyed.

When we arrived, the group of us hopped onto the giant tractor and rode up a few hills towards the orchard. Rows of Continue reading

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Chicken Meatball, Black Eyed Pea & Kale Soup

kale soup

I have a few stories to share with you, but before I dive into yesterday’s Chocolate Expo or this morning’s coffee talk, I’m going to wrap up That’s SO Jenn’s Unofficial Soup Week. That’s right, we’re ending this on a Monday. Feeling craaaazy!

This was my first time working with black eyed peas (Although when I was a red carpet reporter I did interview Fergie and Will. I. Am…..), Continue reading